Stonehenge Location

Stonehenge Location


Stonehenge is located in Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, England. It is not just one big structure, it’s made of a series of seven different kinds of stones but the majority of it is Sarcen, which is hard sandstone. It is also made of Bluestone; rocks from the Welsh Preseli Mountains. There are very many different kinds of people who have put thought into who built Stonehenge, some of those thoughts included druids, Greeks, Phoenicians and Atlantians. There are also many different theories on why it was built including for human sacrifice to astronomy. The Stonehenge was a much respected piece of art during 2000 BC. In its day, the construction of Stonehenge was a really big deal; it required commitment, time and huge amounts of hard labor. In its first phase, Stonehenge was a large earthwork; a bank and ditch arrangement called a henge, was made about 5,000 years ago. It is believed that the ditch was dug with tools made from the antlers of red deer and, possibly, wood. It was then loaded into baskets and carried away. More recent experiments have shown that these tools were more than equal to the great task of earth digging and moving. Some people claim it was created by many different people over a long period of time. The actual building process of Stonehenge was very complicated. Its origin is controversial. Believers say it was the creation of Merlin the magician, while some owe it to extraterrestrials. Stonehenge’s association with druids dates only from 1905, and has no historical basis, but there are claims that druids gathered near this monument to invoke the Gods and that it served for some magical purpose.

Stonehenge Unsolved Mysteries

Humans tend to try to figure out what we don’t understand –sometimes we’re successful solving mysteries, sometimes we aren’t. Unsolved mysteries, such as Atlantis, Area 51, Easter Island, and the Bermuda Triangle, don’t have clear and obvious answers. These mysteries baffle the minds of our most brilliant scientists and scholars. Who built Stonehenge and why they build it is the mystery. One man thought that it was Roman invaders who built it; another said it was the British Celts who built Stonehenge. Some say it was aliens and the ancient people thought that Merlin conjured the entire monument out of thin air. Though most people attribute the building of Stonehenge to the Druids, the Druids were a Polytheistic people who made their yearly calendar on the solar, lunar, and vegetative cycles. In recent studies scientists have discovered a village inside Stonehenge that they think housed the builders of Stonehenge. In the village there were at least twenty-five huts. They think the little village was built about the same time as the pyramids. One scientist found the outline of beds and dressers. The village was thought to have over 250 cremated people inside. The village must have had at least 30 villagers. I think that Stonehenge was an altar for worship because the villagers might have been worshiping gods and begging for a good harvest. I agree that the Druids built it for worshiping their gods and goddesses or for holding festivals of the summer and winter solstices. I have now explained all I know about Stonehenge and after reading this I hope you will be interested in finding out more about the great mystery of Stonehenge.

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